WordPress is one of the largest web development platforms available on the market. Thousands of users have found it to be the perfect place for business websites, blogging, e-commerce, digital portfolios and much more. However, there are so many additional options starting up that it can make it hard for companies to determine the best route to take for their business.

If you’re looking to build or update your company’s online presence, we recommend WordPress for your website development needs. In this article, we’ll explain why.

It’s Simple to Update and Manage
One reason why this platform is popular for website developers, businesses, and individuals alike is that it’s very flexible. There are thousands of plugins that will extend the functionality of your website and when your website has been developed, you have the flexibility to make updates yourself. The range of plugins can allow a website to do anything from adding contact forms to monitoring each blog post’s SEO rank. Plugins can be tricky to set up, so we recommend working with a website developer to make sure they work correctly on your site. However, once implemented, they’re often easily manageable.

What we love most about WordPress is that it’s easy to publish and comment on articles. Once it’s been set up by a web developer (our recommendation), writing and publishing articles is extremely user-friendly. It will also be easy for anyone who enjoys your content to like it, and if you have the right plugin, share it with their friends and colleagues on their favorite social network.

It Allows for Responsive Web Design
Due to a recent Google update, websites that don’t have responsive layouts are much less likely to be found in a mobile search. This means you’ll see a drop in organic traffic (which you can track using Google Analytics).

You might be asking: what is responsive web design? A responsive layout will allow your website to be viewed easily, no matter what device you’re using. Have you ever logged on to a website on your smartphone and found that the screen looks like it’s trying to be displayed on a desktop? In other words, it’s completely unusable without zooming in close and scrolling to read the text, let alone click a link.

Responsive web design lets your website re-format based on what device it’s being used on. With 60% of website traffic coming from mobile devices, responsive layouts have become a must-have for anyone with a website.

WordPress is a great platform for responsive design, but it can still be difficult to set up if you don’t know what you’re doing. We use the Divi framework by Elegant Themes to create responsive websites for our clients and we are extremely happy with the flexibility and functionality of Divi. The websites we create are always customized to our clients specific needs. In the end, it’s guaranteed to look fantastic no matter what screen you view it from – laptop, tablet, or even smartphone.

It Will Help Clients Find Your Site
Have you ever tried searching for your business on Google? How about keywords related to your business? You might easily find your site searching for your business’ name, but your potential clients likely don’t know you yet.

In order to be found in search results, you’ll need to build up your site’s search engine optimization (SEO).
Fortunately, WordPress has a lot of SEO tools built in to help you build up your site’s keyword ranking. Between that, your SEO tracking plugins, and your new responsive design, your site is sure to be discovered by potential customers. This will result in higher website traffic, and ultimately, an increase in sales. What could be better than that?

If you’re considering building or updating your company’s website, having a professional designer build your website using WordPress is a great option for you. Once it’s been set up, keeping your website updated is a breeze due to the platform’s simple functionality and ease of customization and publication. Plus, we’ll be able to implement a customized Divi framework to allow for a responsive layout and keep Google from punishing your site.

Additionally, the built-in search engine optimization will help ensure customers find you first when they are looking for a solution to meet their needs.

Are you looking to build a new website or update a current website for your business? Fig Tree Design Studio has ample experience with WordPress and Divi Website Development to create responsive layouts.

Get started today with a free quote by contacting Wendy Alessi on: +1 (587) 435-2025 or by email at: info@figtreedesignstudio.com

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